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18 April 2014 – Such an amazing time!
Thank you to everyone at the Diveaway dive shop and Te for taking me through the beautiful reefs. I will never forget these dives. Thanks, James

12 April 2014 – Wow!! Wow!!
The best thing I have ever done! I loved it and the team at Diveaway made it even more awesome. Thanks!  Burrell and Sandra, Kempsey Australia

26 March 2014 – Completed my upgrade from Open to Advanced.
My instructor was brilliant, an excellent teacher and great guy. The dives were awesome, best fish I have seen. We saw a fantastic turtle on our night dive – a must do! Cath, Gary and the team are the best. Thank you guys so much, I’ll be back!  Darren, Brisbane Australia

12 April 2014 – Amazingly beautiful!
Thank you to the Diveaway Team for their joy, patience and love. We so enjoyed being trained by you guys. Looking forward to many more dives.  Burrell and Sandra, Kempsey Australia

26 March 2014 – Absolutely brilliant diving every time.
The staff are fantastic. It was a pleasure coming here and seeing everyone. Thanks to Catherine for picking us up. You are all sensational – we will be back!  Kristy, Brisbane Australia

4 March 2014 – So great!
Everyone was so helpful – terrific diving!  Sarah and Jessie Ray, Miami USA

5 February 2014 – Awesome dive, so much better than home.  
Robert, Wollongong Australia

3 February 2014 – Amazing dive!
My first ever dive and it was great! I saw so many fish and a couple of sharks. Thanks heaps guys!  Jake, Brisbane Australia

29 January 2014 – Absolutely amazing!
My first time dive and I got to see a turtle! Everybody was awesome!  Sydney Australia

4 January 2014 – Amazing dives and great dive sites!
Can’t wait to do it again!  Anabel, Sydney Australia

3 January 2014 – Scuba trip was fantastic and wonderful.
Everyone was pleasant, safe, friendly and Ma was terrific with a great attitude and always remembered our names! Will recommend to our friends, family and others.  Dane and Leigh, Seattle USA

December 2013 – Hey guys! Thanks heaps for all your help
We are super happy to be officially qualified divers! Big thanks to Chris – thank you for being such an amazing teacher and looking after us so well. We hope to be back again in the not too distant future.  Mat and Hannah, UK

December 2013 – A big thank you to all the guys at Diveaway Fiji.
We went on two dives and saw turtles, a school of barracuda amongst many other underwater things. A great and very knowledgable team. Highly recommended and we will be back at some point.  Lee and Vicky, Sydney

December 2013 – Excellent staff at Diveaway Fiji!
Everyone was super helpful and pleasant (especially Ma)! Will definitely recommend them to everyone! Staff had great recommendations on additional activities and we felt very safe and comfortable with everyone here.  Sarah and Jeremy, USA

December 2013 – Fantastic diving and great staff
Transfers were organised to and from Bedarra Resort – all in all I felt very spoilt.  Jim, Scotland

20 September 2013 – Big thanks to the Diveaway team!
Ma and Gary were great from the very beginning, always helpful and friendly. Sam was my instructor for the Discover Scuba Dive and he was fantastic, being patient with me and his professionalism gave me confidence. Great experience! Vicky, England

20 September 2013 – I just completed my Open Water Diving Course with Sam.
His professional attitude and friendly nature made the dives enjoyable and gave me confidence in my new found skills. What a fantastic experience! Also a special mention to Ma and Gary for making the whole experience a great one. Thank you Diveaway! Toby, London England

20 September 2013 – Thank you so much Hope.
You were so patient with me and I really appreciated it. Thanks again. Catherine, Canberra Australia

20 September 2013 – Hope is the best! Jimmy, Belfast Ireland

20 September 2013 – Great experience for my first dive.
Thank you Hope for your encouragement and training. Thank you, I had a great time. Doug, Sydney Australia

19 September 2013 – Hope was absolutely great. She made me feel very comfortable in the water and I had a great time. Grant

19 September 2013 – I have just completed my Open Water Diving Course with Hope as my instructor/mentor. Her professionalism and friendly nature inspired confidence and made the transition from novice to “certifiable” an experience I’ll never forget. Thank you Diveaway and especially thank you Hope. Dave Lancaster, Australia

13 September 2013 – Two great days diving. The highlight was the second day at Big Foot. I saw plenty of sharks and turtles. Awesome, I think I’m hooked! James, Auckland NZ

21 August 2013 – Wow! Amazing! I haven’t dived in 20 years and the team at Diveaway made it so easy! I saw three turtles and dolphins showed us the way back. Thanks!

15 August 2013 – The BEST dive centre in Fiji – great, friendly staff always willing to help point out the best underwater fish, sharks, coral and all locations underwater. Fantastic diving! Thanks Diveaway! Deke, Sydney Australia

10 August 2013 – Fantastic Diving! We enjoyed every minute of the diving. Thanks! Paul and Alex, Australia

08 July 2013 – I really enjoyed scuba diving. I have never been before so it was a great experience! I saw lots of varieties of fish and coral. I even saw an octopus! Thanks from Behlana, Australia

03 July 2013 – Joe is the best! Very safe and secure with Joe, he showed us a wonderful underwater world. Thank you Joe!  Adam, Tayla and Zac

03 July 2013 – The best day I have ever had! I saw many things! It was a great experience and it is definitely not the last time I will be scuba diving.  Sam, Australia

15 June 2013 – One week ago I went for my first Dive, this is something I have wanted to do my whole life and I finally got the chance to do it with Diveaway in Fiji on our family holiday to the Hideaway Resort. It was definitely a memory that I will have for the rest of my life. Joe took us out that morning and it was awesome, we got to see heaps of sharks and it was everything I had thought it would be and more. The entire dive shop team were just great and so helpful and made my first dive a memorable experience. Cant wait to go back and dive with the boys again.  Zac Webb, Coffs Harbour Australia

14 June 2013 – One of the best experiences of my life, absolutely amazing. I can’t wait to do it again. Thanks to all at Diveaway Fiji from everyone at Narrandera High School for the opportunity.  Dave Kroek, Narrandera

14 June 2013 – This scuba diving experience was one of the best things I have ever done. Thanks to the team and also a massive thanks to Ma!

14 June 2013 – Thanks to the team for a great life experience that will not be forgotten. Wow, how amazing!  Clare

14 June 2013 – It was an amazing trip, very well organised and everyone felt very safe. Thanks for the opportunity.  Brad

14 June 2013 – Was awesome! Loved every moment! Great service and wonderful people! Baden, Nathan, Duncan and Jacob, Narrandera High School

13 June 2013 – Most amazing experience ever, loved every moment of it, will be coming back soon!

10 June 2013 – Absolutely awesome experience, guys were great, thanks heaps. Craig and Cody

01 June 2013 – I just wanted to say a big thanks for being so kind and helpful to me throughout my diving here. I have had a lot of fun and you played a big part in that. Te, you are an inspirational diver and you will make a brilliant instructor one day!!  Charlotte, UK

25 May 2013 – Thank you so much, it was a great, wonderful experience. Sally

25 May 2013 – Brilliant, fantastic fun, thank you. Adam

25 May 2013 – Fantastic dive, the experience down 12m was awesome, thank you and vinaka

24 May 2013 – Great dive, my first time. Thanks to Joe and Ma and the team.  Jim, Sydney

22 May 2013 – We just loved these folks and how helpful they are! And Ma knows her stuff and she’s friendly and gives great hugs, just ask!

20 May 2013 – Great diving, very nice staff, Ma is the best ever. Alex

17 May 2013 – Cool diving staff – Ma, Eza, Alfie and Joe. I saw a shark on my first dive and I thank everyone at Diveaway.  Nati, Missy and Murray 

03 May 2013 – Doing my Open Water Course was an awesome experience. Great instructor and staff made everything fun. Will always remember Gary’s glam wetsuit and Joe’s interaction with a sea cucumber. Now leaving Fiji full of confidence and enthusiasm for diving. In the immortal words of the Terminator – I’LL BE BACK!  Mankini Matt

29 April 2013 – Fantastic way to spend a birthday! Awesome, helpful, reassuring staff. Definitely recommend, will come back again. Sheraiz, Trinidad and Tobago West Indies

29 April 2013 – Awesome instructors and staff – Ma, Joe, Rick, Eza, Epi. My first dive was great and would recommend Diveaway to everyone! Everyone was so great – we did four dives and will be back in a few months for more.  Matt and Suse

11 April 2013 – Thank you to a wonderful team! My four dives with Diveaway were fantastic in terms of local fish knowledge and professionalism. A special thanks to the owners who gave my friends and I some local tips. Cheers from a very happy Canadian!

05 April 2013 – Had a great time – going home to brag to all my friends! Shaun

05 April 2013 – Fantastic shore dive – plenty of tropical fish, coral, sharks, eels, wow!  Paul

30 March 2013 – Had a fantastic time – saw turtles and sharks! Joe was a great guide. Been 10 years since I have dived and it was as good as I remember.  Reece

March 2013 – To all the crew, thanks for all the diving and service, you were so great. All the best, Tony

26 March 2013 – We had an amazing first dive. Everyone was so heplful and made us feel at ease. Would do it again and recommend it to everyone! Danielle and Lyn

22 March 2013 – Had a fantastic time – really good experience! Saw a couple of sharks too! Very helpful, professional and everything explained really clearly. It made our holiday!! Philippa and David

March 2013 – Some of the BEST diving ever! Awesome staff and divemasters! We had an awesome time. Thank you so much for a memorable time!  Sheldon and Trish, Long Beach California

March 2013 – Awesome dives, warm water, nice and clear, great dive team, everyone super friendly and happy, eager to help, both of us had a terrific time. We saw sharks, so very happy, lots of great fish and coral to look at. Thanks guys!!  Clinton and Olivia, Sydney Australia

February 2013 – Hello Ma! Thank you everyone for a wonderful time. I will come back and bring friends. I will miss you all!  Echo

21 February 2013 – Really friendly people here and make me laugh all the time, even in the water.  I really hope I can come here again for my diving with Joe.  See you soon guys, take good care and I will miss you guys!  Mai, Taiwan

07 February 2013 – Everyone was fantastic and were a great help in making my first dive awesome! Joe was a great teacher and enjoyed diving with him!

07 February 2013 – Joe and the guys were great! Fantastic experience for my first ever dive. Thanks so much!

07 February 2013 – Fantastic dive at Stingray and Purple Haze with great divemaster, Rick, and saw sharks, stingray and turtle plus plenty of other colourful fish and corals. The highlight of my holiday, thank you!!  Sydney, Australia

05 February 2013 – Fanny Hill was fantastic – Eza and Rick took wonderful care of us.  Bula and Vinaka.  Susan and Alan Mills, USA

26 January 2013 – Fantastic!  I’ve got my life back!  I feel that I can do anything now after being with Joe, Gary and Edward in underwater paradise.  Can’t wait to do it again!  Kay, Sunshine Coast, Australia

24 January 2013 – Awesome! Joe is fantastic, so very patient and supportive, I really did not think I could do it but with Joe’s help I DID IT and I feel fantastic!!  Melbourne, Australia

24 January 2013 – Second time dive. Joe was fantastic, very patient and really enjoyed the experience.  Melbourne, Australia

24 January 2013 – My first dive, I felt very relaxed and the training was excellent, thanks to the trainer, Joe.  Joe is an excellent leader, learning was fun, the dive was an experience to remember.  George, Australia

24 January 2013 – I’ve dived in a few countries and this dive was the most relaxed and enjoyable.  Thank you!

24 January 2013 – Enjoyed the variety of fish, even saw a white tip shark. Joe is fantastic. I would recommend to anyone, even beginners!  Lionel, Australia

24 January 2013 – It was my first time and it will be the best dive I will have with the best instructor, I’ll remember it forever.  Thomas, Australia

22 January 2013 – First time diving – Joe made it too easy – awesome experience. Have not experienced anything like that before.  Zane Crabb

19 January 2013 – Great diving with Joe, best experience with all the marine life. Best thing I have done in my life.  Daniel Payne, Australia

08 January 2013 – Great dive spots, splendid coral gardens and an extremely friendly and patient staff. Thanks a lot!  Romania

08 January 2013 – Awesome diving and the staff were always helpful.  Would recommend to anyone!!

02 January 2013  – Dive with Joe was great! Thank you very much, we had a great time, best part of the trip!

31 December 2012 – Lesson with Rick was great, he is a very good divemaster.  Louise, New York USA

29 December 2012 – Thanks for the dive – two turtles at Purple Haze along with lots more. Cheers Rick for snorkelling with Fiona and looking after her.  David and Fiona, Australia

13 December 2012 – Bula, loved my dives with Joe and Gary! Had an amazing time with the boys, made my trip a blast!  Sefina, Hong Kong

13 December 2012 – Lovely people, great fun, thanks a heap.  Jon English, Australia

08 December 2012 – Thanks for the fantastic dive and great dive sites.  Leah Barrett, Maryland USA

08 December 2012 – Thank you for the great dive. It was a great experience and will definitely go again. Thank you for the great guide Joe!  Brazil

07 December 2012 – Ma, Joe and Salo, thank you! A wonderful dive. My first time but not my last. You all made it very easy, thank you!  Scott, Sydney Australia

03 December 2012 – Two dives, amazing! Big green turtle, lots of white tips and a black tip shark! First time through a swim through, loved it, thank you!  Sarah, South Wales

03 December 2012 – An excellent day of snorkelling, the staff were first class and made it one of the best days of my life, I will recommend you to all my friends.  Geoff

03 December 2012 – Thanks guys for the fantastic diving, 10 different dives and all fantastic. Esala is a great guide and a great bloke. Thanks also to Rick. It’s a pity Rick you weren’t with us when we saw the hammerhead and two nurse sharks. We’ll be back and take you out next time. Thanks also to Joe, you’re a funny bugger. A big thank you to the boat boys, we will definitely be back. Ma your friendly, smiling face always made us welcome. Thanks Gary you have a fantastic crew.  Dave Bailey, Brisbane Australia

03 December 2012 – Thank you for a fantastic pool dive and first open water dive. You took such good care of me and showed me things I never would have found on my own – reef sharks, stone fish – wow!  I’ll be back!  Clare, Brisbane Australia

30 November 2012 – Awesome, amazing, beautiful!! Thanks all for a brilliant dive trip, we’ll be back for sure.  Dave and Kerri, Brisbane Australia

30 November 2012 – My son, James, said if I was in Fiji I must dive Fiji – so I did!! Joe, my instructor, was fantastic and gave me all the confidence I needed at 65 years old. The dive was an experience I will never forget and I should have done it years ago. I would recommend this dive team to anyone thinking of diving. Absolutely great!!  Brian

30 November 2012 – Rey and I had an amazing time. All staff were very friendly, helpful and explained instructions very well. We will remember this experience for a long time.  Would definitely recommend to friends and family.  Bula vinaka!  Krystal and Rey

29 November 2012 – Joe and Esala, thank you for an amazing experience. You helped an absolute beginner to overcome the fear of water – its the first time I have gone out of my depth to the deep end of a pool. Thanks to Ma for her encouragement and help.  Bula, Cecilia

29 November 2012 – Thank you dive team for taking us scuba diving and bringing us back again safely. It was an awesome experience and definitely a highlight of the trip. Look after yourselves and we hope to see you all again some time.  The Zorn family

29 November 2012 – Amazing scuba dive experience.  First time ever, would definitely recommend.  Diveaway staff were friendly, useful and sincere, will definitely come again, see you soon!  Sydney

27 November 2012 – Thank you guys for looking after me and my husband. I am no longer petrified of the sea. Thanks guys, Bex and Adam

27 November 2012 – Truly an amazing life changing experience that I will never forget. Wonderful staff, so friendly they become family. Best wishes to Joe, Ma, Gary, Esala, Rick, Salo, Nemani and Josh.  Cheers, Paul and Julie Thompson (I’ll be back)

26 November 2012 – Always friendly and happy dive staff – great sites, plenty to see. Thanks to all. Best wishes to Gary and boys and Ma.  Geoff Curran, Melbourne Australia

24 November 2012 – One of the best dives I have ever had, great team, thank you!  Rene, Batemans Bay Australia

24 November 2012 – One of the best sights in my life made all the more memorable by the friendly instructor. Opened my life to a whole new world. Thanks guys, Nitin

24 November 2012 – Alex and I are inspired to continue diving from this experience. Thank you for showing us what it is to dive!  Mary

22 November 2012 – First dive with Joe and Rick – awesome, very professional people, felt very comfortable and secure, great memories guys! Thanks, Vinaka! Julie went snorkelling while Gary was diving – thanks Nemani and Josh! I had a wonderful experience.  Julie and Gary Dunham, Launceston Australia

21 November 2012 – Advanced Dive Course and one fun dive. I had an awesome time. Mango Down for me was the best site, I saw so much – turtles and sharks – gotta love the sharks as well as Kris, Te and Epi. Cheers guys!  Karen, England.

19 November 2012 – Thanks for an awesome time. Great place, great diving and great people. Had a wonderful experience, saw a turtle, a shark and some beautiful fish. Thank you!!  Jess and Rich Griffin

19 November 2012 – I had an awesome time, maybe my first dive will always be the best. Thanks to Diveaway Fiji. Special thank you to Rick and Joe, my first dive buddys.  Thomas Griffin

16 November 2012 – Forever in your debt for showing me an unforgettable experience. I now look forward to completing all my diving qualifications. Joe, Rick, Gary and Cath, thank you so, so much.  Lauren

16 November 2012 – Had a fantastic experience doing the open water course this week with Joe, the funny instructor, and my friend Lauren. It was an enlightening and amusing four days.  Cheers Brentton Fletcher, Victoria Australia

13 November 2012 – A great experience with Diveaway. I am very happy to get my open water diving certificate today. My instructor, Joe, is great. All staff at Diveaway are friendly and very helpful. I had a really great time throughout my training and diving with Diveaway.  Wen

13 November 2012 – A very relaxed dive shop with a really friendly, cheeky and happy dive team, what a great experience!!  Love from the Pom!!

12 November 2012 – Only had one day spare in Fiji, therefore had to make a very careful decision on which activity to choose. So glad I decided to dive! A life changing experience for sure and definitely one tourist activity one must do! Thanks so much for the amazing experience!  Hamish Walker, Auckland New Zealand

10 November 2012 – The scuba diving was amazing! From the unique species of fish to the coral that changes colour, it was definitely an experience I would not pass up! The Fijian landscapes are beautiful but the ones under water are even better!!  Rebecca, Canada

08 November 2012 – Joe, we have read great things about you and found all of them to be true. You made us feel very comfortable and capable and confident. Everyone at the dive shop was very friendly and helpful. Thanks for a wonderful experience.  Peter and Julie, Australia

03 November 2012 – Awesome experience, great instructor.  Tony and Nick

03 November 2012 – Scott’s birthday!!  We’ve dived with you guys all week and every dive has been amazing – coral, turtles, eels, barracudas!!  Fantastic staff too, thanks guys.  Joe and Scott

03 November 2012 – My first dive ever! Joe is funny. Coral and fish were incredible. Dive # 2 was beautiful. Coral was like a rainbow. Joe is still funny.  Steph

31 October 2012 – Absolutely amazing! Thanks so much. Joe is an awesome diving instructor. We are totally hooked.  Ryan and Denylea, Australia

29 October 2012 – Great dive crew and customer service staff (Ma). Lovely relaxed diving catering to all levels. While not spectacular there are many things to see, small and large.  Gary White, Australia

29 October 2012 – Great diving. Many thanks to all for looking after us so well.  Jayne and Chris Godden Miller, England

27 October 2012  – Two dives with Te! It was great, we saw many fishes and corals and a white tip shark as well. I will definitely come back ASAP.  Julia, Switzerland

25 October 2012 – A big thanks to our Divemaster Te! Thanks for taking a lot of nice pictures. Now we have some good memories to bring back home.  Sofie and Anica, Sweden

24 October 2012 – Thanks for a great four dives. Dives sites are fantastic and dive staff awesome! Thanks Kris and Te, it was a great end to my holiday but I will be back!  Anne, Ireland

23 October 2012 – 4 x dives done, unreal, reef shark, turtles, what more can you ask for? Will be back!! AH

23 October 2012 – Fantastic first dive.  It has really made me want to do more diving.  Peter, Australia

23 October 2012 – An amazing experience with lots to see and great dive instructors. Thank you all, keep safe.  Kris, Australia

23 October 2012 – Had a wonderful time. My first time they were very helpful and made me feel safe. Thanks very much.  Toni, Australia

20 October 2012 – Had a great time with Joe, Josh and Ma, all very helpful. Hopefully I will see you guys all next year.  Australia 

20 October 2012 – Great diving! Enjoyed the variety of fish, great team.  Thanks Tim

20 October 2012 – A little cloudy but still a great dive and very good dive master. Great time, will recommend.

20 October 2012 – Absolutely awesome. Great instructor. Fantastic dive. Fiji diving I can recommend.  Shayne

19 October 2012 – Thank you for taking me on my “first” diving experience, it was totally awesome. I saw a turtle, sharks and lots of fish. Te and his crew made me feel at ease. I will go back to Australia and continue diving. Can’t wait to come back to Fiji and Mango Bay.  Clinton, made in NZ, lives in Australia.

15 October 2012 – Very pretty dive sites, really enjoyed. Very relaxing and very helpful instructors. Thank you very much.  Julia

15 October 2012 – Awesome dive, lovely people. Spectacular – great friendly people, thanks Gary, Rick, Josh and Esala.  Andrew and Faye, Shepparton Australia

13 October 2012 – Bula!  Thanks for the great two dives. Enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and great diving. Te was very professional as a Divemaster and the sea life just out from Mango Bay was great!  Thanks again.  Dan, Australia

13 October 2012 – Thank you Te for the dive today! Never thought I would ever see a white tip shark but we’ve seen so many of them! And I loved jumping off the boat James Bond style! I’ll be back, thank you so much!  Roxann, France.

12 October 2012 – Awesome dives in Fiji! The most beautiful dive site I have seen. Thanks Diveaway, we love Fiji!  Hong Kong

12 October 2012 – Fantastic! First dive – wish we had done it earlier in the week so we could dive again.  Joe was great – made us feel really at ease – thanks. David and Anthony, NZ

12 October 2012 – Rick and the guys were really good. Took us to a good reef and the fish life was amazing.  Cheers from NZ

09 October 2012 – Fantastic dive – huge turtle – beautiful coral – clear water. I will be back.  Kevin Gould

08 October 2012 – Honeymoon Diving! Excellent diving experienced here in Fiji. We took the 6 dive package and all 6 were amazing. We saw a guitar shark and took some great photos as our Divemaster, Te, pointed out everything interesting. Night dive = Awesome!!  Etienne, South Africa

08 October 2012 – Best decision to have our honeymoon diving experience in Fiji. What an amazing place. Our dives were all very good. Thanks to our Divemaster Te for his knowledge and being so cool. Love the relaxed Fiji dive time. We’ll see you next time.  Jacky R

08 October 2012 – Very nice diving with Diveaway Fiji – awesome dive sites at Mango Bay!!  Germany

05 October 2012 – Best thing I have done, very proud! Thankful that I got to experience it with these amazing people!  Woohoo!

Great diving and great staff!!  Amazing walls, turtles, sharks and eel! Thanks for an amazing experience. Can’t wait to come back and dive again!  Rose, San Diego CA USA

04 October 2012 – Great little dive school, very friendly staff. Lots of diverse dive sites all within just a few minutes from shore.  Chris Morgan

October 2012 – Came back for another two dives, not disappointed!! Awesome diving in beautiful environment,  perfect underwater. Tim Holden, Auckland NZ

October 2012 – Superb diving, sharks, turtles – great crew, top outfit. Many thanks.  Tim Holden, Auckland NZ

02 October 2012 – First time experience – awesome – recommend this to anyone.  Knut, Sydney

25 September 2012 – The best experience of my life, all staff were very helpful and always up for a laugh. Enjoy the dives when you can! See you in December 2012.  Shane, Australia

26 September 2012 – Absolutely one of the best things we have ever done, wow. The staff are undoubtedly the friendliest and happiest people we have ever met. Thanks for making our holiday as good as it is.  Brent, Nic, Garth and Olivia, Australia

24 September 2012 – Great diving experience with the happiest people on earth.  Cheers James Edwards

September 2012 – This experience was amazing for my first time, I had a lot of fun.  Lucas, Australia

September 2012 – It was awesome but I wish we saw a ray or shark but we saw a sea snake.  Will

September 2012 – Great dive sites! Rick was wonderful. I will be back for sure.  Adam, Sydney

22 September 2012 – Myself and my husband booked our advanced diving course. Booking was easy and staff were lovely and helpful. Dives were great fun, would recommend.  Gillian and Steven

21 September 2012 – One of the greatest experiences of my life. My instructor Joe is definitely the best instructor you can have.  I felt 100% safe and I learnt so much because of him.  Each dive was amazing and all the instructors were welcoming and helpful.  10/10 highly recommended.  Julie Hunter

17 September 2012 – Dove The Edge and Bordello with Rick. Dive was amazing, staff are so friendly and made our experience wonderful. Rick was a great dive master – pointing out tons of fish and snakes, thanks again.  John and Jennifer, Denver Colorado

17 September 2012 – The staff were excellent – Rick and Josh instilled confidence and put us at ease, thanks.  Giles and Juliet, UK

16 August 2012 – The Edge and Big Foot – great dive master – thanks Rick for a good day.  K Smith, Melbourne

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