Midra Passage

Ras Bula

ras bulaRas Bula is a long boat ride for us – just over 10 minutes down the coast!

Our mooring at Ras Bula is on a ridge of reef in front of the pier at Maui Bay.  The ridge is carpeted with hard corals – there is an amazing one that has grown on our mooring line! Eagle rays frequently cruise down the side of the ridge and it is a great spot for Scorpion fish.
Sometimes they take a bit of spotting – camouflage gone crazy!

The Maze

The Maze is, well, a maze…

In Midra Passage we have bommies which pop up close to the surface. Around and through these bommies and under the overhangs of the passage edges are swimthroughs and tunnels that twist round and about until we get to the Chimney - a tunnel through the reef that starts at 18m and pops out into the sunlight at 7 metres. There are schools of snapper and unicorn fish here and frequent encounters with reef and nurse sharks.