Say it in Fijian

To walk the walk first you must talk the talk. If you really want to get into the Fijian spirt, here are some helpful tips on the dialect. There are the basics like how to say hello, good-bye and of course how to order another beer.  For those of you getting ready for your trip (or planning a trip) to Fiji here is your first Fijian language lesson.

First we’ll start with a few rules.  
“A’s are long as in master
“E’s are short as in pet
“I’s are pronounced as a hard “E” as say street.  So Viti would be ‘vee-tee’
“O” and “U” are long say like in logo and lucy
“B” is “mb”  as in member
“C” is “th” as in the
“D” is “nd” as in candy
“Q” is “ng”  as in tongue